Mt. Yasur Volcano, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

An amazing life changing experience

The mostly uninhabited island of Tanna, which makes up part of the archipelago of Vanuatu, consists of approximately 82 islands, 62 of which are totally uninhabited, it's located in the South Pacific and was formerly known as The New Hebrides until 1980. It is covered in the densest rainforest I've ever encountered. It's also known for it's incredible coffee and the local religious cult who worship Prince Philip, yes the Duke of Edinburgh. It's worth looking up.  
Mt. Yasur is an active strombolian volcano and erupts about every 5 minutes. It's located on the Pacific Rim of Fire and the entire island nation experiences frequent violent earhtquakes, the occasional large eruption and isolated tsumani's which can be quite nasty but don't seem to travel large distances. 
The ash dunes are large and extensive yet the volcano itself is deceivingly  small
This pyroclastic cloud caught the setting sun as it passed the rim giving it it's eerie orange glow. Once the seasons strong trade winds are established, it's quite safe in certain areas to actually stand on the rim and not get caught in the cloud and the invisable deadly gases.  
It was just on dusk so I don't have any excellent shots. I had a point and shoot unfortunately but we went for the night tour. Tripods are useless as the groud is shaking underfoot and some of those tiny lava bombs you can see are the size of a cars.

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