Mixed Up Pix, Photography by Paul Tyrrell

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Dreamy sunset in HDR
Digital ArtDigital PhotographyPhotography
The Great Ocean Road, VIC, AU
A mixture of photos from a road trip along The Great Ocean Rd along to The Grampians. There are more on the way
Digital ArtDigital Photography
Waterfalls - Water
Waterways flowing through Gariwerd (The Grampian's National Park) in VIC, AU
Digital ArtDigital Photography
Mt. Yasur Volcano, Tanna Island, Vanuatu
An amazing life changing experience
Digital ArtDigital Photography
Park Bench Life
Mixed Up Pix covers a very diverse range of photographic styles from different cameras and iPhoneography, through to picturesque landscapes, digital art and experimental digital editing techniques all thrown in together from Trevi Fountain, to farmland in far Southern Victoria, Australia and everything in-between. Enjoy
Digital ArtDigital PhotographyPhotography
Mixed 2
An even wider mixture of my work
Digital ArtDigital Photography
mixture of images
Digital ArtDigital Photography
Street Art
The Melbourne City Council has dedicated areas within the city centre for street artists to safely work in peace and reduce the amount of graffiti and tagging that was a huge eyesore. These beautiful pieces are street art are respected and draw in huge tourist crowds, because you can watch the artists in action. A large area recently white washed for younger up and coming artists. This cause some controversy as there were historical pieces in there that were lost. The serious street artist's work is relatively left untouched but had been heavily tagged the day these were taken back in 2011. I will keep adding pieces of their work. Most of this is probably gone.
Digital ArtDigital PhotographyStreet Art
Melbourne's Architecture
Some photos taken around central Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ArchitectureDigital ArtDigital Photography
sunrise sunset
The beauty of dusk and dawn, if you're lucky enough to have mother nature put on a show
Digital ArtDigital Photography
I'm still amazed by the images we can now capture from the night sky, even from our own backyards
Digital ArtDigital Photography
Insomnia and house bound
Digital ArtDigital Photography
playing with ideas
Digital ArtDigital PhotographyPhotography
Being in a few challenging photography groups socially with people from all over the world is great fun and this particular weeks topic is something I'm really happy with
Digital ArtDigital PhotographyPhotography
Australian Birds
Different bird types in SouthernCoastal Australia
Digital ArtDigital Photography
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